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DiY stands for Do It Yourself! This does not only apply to the little territory of your house or garden, neither is it merely a material concept. In stead, it can be put into practice in almost all fields of life: from creating your own tools or furniture, over taking the right to housing in your own hands by squatting, to – why not – creating your own RoR band!

And this is exactly where it starts to get interesting: creating your own band from zero is actually double DiY! Not only will you possibly start playing with homemade or recycled instruments, but also the mere fact of starting a new band is DiY! By creating your own instruments, you are not only taking care of the environment, but you’re also making sure that you don’t stay paralyzed by a lack of money to buy instruments. And apart from this financial independence, you’re also empowering the group by taking action and organizing by yourselves something you feel the need for!

In the end, don’t forget that working together as a group in a non-hierarchical way is something will have too learn also. Accepting this is first step; some suggestion for the following ones can be found in the decision making section