Red Card for Fifa

عفوا، هذه المدخلة موجودة فقط في الإنجليزية الأمريكية.

Who’s the real winner of the world cup?

Not the people of Brazil!

As part of the preparation for the World Cup in Brazil, around 15 millions were spent for the refurbishment and construction of 12 stadiums, 900 million dollars for security (part of it is the 22 million dollars agreement with Condor, the firm that sells also gas canisters and plastic bullets to Turkey) and 170.000 people who have been evicted because of the implementation of gentrification policies.

YouTube: Resistiu Brasil/Resist Brazil/Diren Brezilya

Brazilians do not want this massive budget to go to football but want it to be invested in housing, transportation, education and health. They want it to be put into improving services in those areas and as this does not happen they go out to protest at any occasion where they have to face the hard repression of the police, with which we are all familiar.

Because of the World Cup, the people in Pernambuco were evicted from their houses,and they were dispossed of their shops and stalls on the road to the stadium, and for that they did not even receive any compensation. According to the Homeless Workers movements, 4 billions dollars which were spent in the mantainance and refurbishment of the stadiums could have been spent in housing (200000 homes!)

Furthermore, 8 workers died on duty, working for the preparations of the World Cup, and that fueled the anger of the people. The Brazilian government, to prevent the possibility of a police strike and make sure to keep the performance of the police to standard during the whole world cup, stated that there would be a 15.8% increase in the wages of the law enforcement agencies.

Across all borders, the solidarity of the people united against the violence of the state,

20 June, Friday, at 12:00pm. Let’s play football in protest in front of the Brazilian Consulate!

Rhythms of Resistance-İstanbul


Winner of World Cup isn’t Brazil’s People

Today, a demonstration has been organized outside General Consulate of Brazil in Istanbul by the invitation of Rhythm of Resistance group.

Rhythm of Resistance (Direnişin Ritimleri) identified themselves as political activists who are using the samba dance as means of political action. The group attracted onlookers’ attention by making music and playing football.

YouTube: Berilya Başkonsolosluğu önünde eylem

“From square to square, from north forests [of Istanbul] to rain forests in Amazon, from gecekondus to favelas: We hail Brazil’s labor and urban movements with solidarity and amity,” the group said in a statement.

While police and private security took notice outside the consulate premisses, no intervention has been made.

According to the press release, they brought attention to existing events in Brazil again.

When billions of dollars were spent for the World Cup preparations in Brazil, Brazilian people can’t have their basic needs such as shelter, education, health. Those who raise their voices in the demands of rising representation of these demands in the budget face with strongly intervention of police.

A total of 15 billion dollars have been spent within the preparations including the construction of 12 and a 900 M dollar security contract with Condor – a supplier of tear gas for Turkey’s police.

In addition to that, around 170,000 people have been evicted from their homes in the state of Pernabuco with no repartitions due to urban renewal policies. (YÖ/PA/HK/GA/BM)

Article source: Bianet

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