Surdo Beater

Tämä teksti on valitettavasti saatavilla vain kielillä: Amerikanenglanti.

you need

  • some round wood. Broomsticks or something else with ca. 22 mm in diameter. Cut/saw in appropriate length (not too short!).
  • Some foam material
  • old bike inner tubes
  • some resistant fabric (thin fabric wears out quickly)
  • several roles of strong tape (duct tape)
  • scissors
  • optionally some small ball wood/plastic knobs for the ends (like ends of curtain rod)

do like this

  • cut foam into several layers that fit over the stick. More layers that can be squeezed are better than one thick one. The more compact the stick, the better. If you have a knob, fix it to the stick and put foam around.
  • Cut some fabric into squares that fits around the foam. Don’t make it too small!
  • Cut a 1 cm thick ring from the bike tube. Pull it over the foam and fabric to fixate it.
  • Glue and fix everything with strong tape on the bottom around the stick.

Ready to go!