Who We Are And What We Do

Tämä teksti on valitettavasti saatavilla vain kielillä: Amerikanenglanti, Venäjä, Hollanti, Ranska, Arabia ja Puola.

The Rhythms of Resistance (RoR) network of activist percussion bands comprises more than 75 separate activist drumming bands all over the world. RoR is descended from the pink and silver ”tactical frivolity” bloc (aka the ”silly stunts and fluffy stuff” section) of the anti-Globalisation campaigns of the 1990s and early 2000s. As such, the use of tactical frivolity, carnival and creativity are a defining hallmark of bands in the RoR network (it is also why many of the bands in the RoR network wear pink when out and about).

All the bands in the RoR network play the same tunes and try and use the same hand signals. This means at large events, different bands can join up to form a large and exuberant bateria.

RoR bands work on a decentralised and democratic basis. All decisions within each band are made by consensus. No-one is ”in charge” and those who have just joined the band have the same voice as those who have been members for many years. Each band operates independently, joining campaigns and actions that they themselves support, but they may join together for national demos etc. At large events, where multiple bands meet up and play together, mestres may come from any of the bands present, swapping in and out as mood and movement takes them.

Although each band in the network is a independent entity answerable only to its members, they all share some common beliefs and values that define the Rhythms of Resistance network as a whole: RoR Principles.