Let’s mark, block and sabotage GÜZ!

מצטערים, רשומה זו זמינה רק ב- אנגלית אמריקאית.

Call for the 3rd War-stars-here-camp 17th-25th August, near Magdeburg, Germany


War starts here. Nowadays politicians are clear and open about their position: there shall be no more restraint from German ground when it comes to military operations. No more war – a major lesson learned from German history – is outdated. Germany defends its claims to power and secures its wealth by all means.… Continue reading

A message to our friends in the world! from RoR Kasamba, Yasamba, Hasamba

מצטערים, רשומה זו זמינה רק ב- אנגלית אמריקאית.

We, the ROR groups living in the land controlled by the Israeli government (Kasamba, Yasamba, and Hasamba), and active here against the occupation, capitalism, racism, animal exploitation and patriarchy in general, would like to send a call for solidarity.For the past two weeks the government here has been committing new-old war crimes against the people living in Gaza. This is a direct continuation of the injustice of occupation and war that the Zionist movement has inflicted against the people in this land (most horrifically against Palestinians but not only).… Continue reading

Red Card for Fifa

מצטערים, רשומה זו זמינה רק ב- אנגלית אמריקאית.

Who’s the real winner of the world cup?

Not the people of Brazil!

As part of the preparation for the World Cup in Brazil, around 15 millions were spent for the refurbishment and construction of 12 stadiums, 900 million dollars for security (part of it is the 22 million dollars agreement with Condor, the firm that sells also gas canisters and plastic bullets to Turkey) and 170.000 people who have been evicted because of the implementation of gentrification policies.… Continue reading

Anarchism in the context of civil war

מצטערים, רשומה זו זמינה רק ב- אנגלית אמריקאית.


Original article: http://avtonom.org/en/author_column…

On Friday, the 2nd of May, the House of Trade Unions in Odessa caught on fire. Altogether at least 42 people lost their lives during the clashes in the city, most of them in the fire and the others in streetfights. There is an excellent Russian language, eyewitness account of the events available here.

Events began to unfold when armed pro-Russian AntiMaidan fighters attacked a demonstration organised by football hooligans with nationalist sympathies.… Continue reading

Interview with sambistas from RoR Gothenburg

מצטערים, רשומה זו זמינה רק ב- אנגלית אמריקאית.

  • This interview was made to 2 members of the RoR band in Gothenburg and one more person interested to join the band. All the information that you will read bellow is based on the personal experiences and opinions of the persons interviewed and does not represent the whole band.

How is the Gothenburg Rhythms of Resistance band?

The Rhythms of Resistance sambaband Anarkia started in March this year.… Continue reading

No Pasaran! Solidarity statement from RoR budapest to comrades from ukraine

מצטערים, רשומה זו זמינה רק ב- אנגלית אמריקאית.

original article: http://lmv.hu/node/9577

on sunday the 26th of january 2014, ror budapest demonstrated in solidarity with our comrades and friends in kiev from ror and allied groups, who are resisting police brutality and state aggressions.

we have decided to join a protest in budapest to directly express our profound disagreement with the state, its implicit repressions, manifested in the most violent ways lately in the streets of kiev and other cities.… Continue reading

Gabina Carrillera. Open letter from RoR Mexico DF

מצטערים, רשומה זו זמינה רק ב- אנגלית אמריקאית.

The Samba "Gabina Carrillera", México and the situation of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN)

México: The setting in which we, the "Gabina Carrileras", live. (Samba México)

For many years México has been seen as one of the most violent and corrupted countries in the world. Nowadays (2013) and since the entrance of the "president" Felipe Calderón (FECAL) and his war declaration against drug trafficking in 2006, violence in Mexico has grown beyond all imaginable limits: femicides, disappearances, murders, attacks, shootings in the middle of the streets at daylight, human trafficking, "narcomessages", and other explicit ways of violence have become part of daily life in Mexico.… Continue reading

Más orgullosas que nunca

מצטערים, רשומה זו זמינה רק ב- ספרדית אירופאית.


‘Direniş’ -que en turco significa "resistencia"- es el eslogan de este año para la semana del Orgullo en Estambul. Las protestas contra la destruccion del parque Gezi, como emblema de la creceinte politica neoliberal de la politica del partido del gobierno y su tendencia a la restriccion de los derechos civiles, han sıdo el centro tambien de las manifestaciones de los colectivos LGBT (Lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales).… Continue reading

The sound of solidarity

מצטערים, רשומה זו זמינה רק ב- אנגלית אמריקאית.

8th of June, Istanbul

Talking to friends here who have been involved in the resistance against the new shopping mall which is supposed to replace Gezi Park from the beginning on I learned that probably the most striking thing about the protests is the overwhelming solidarity. It is the kind of solidarity that seems so absolute and omnipresent that it actually has the power to unite all kinds of different social classes that would never have imagined to fight together.… Continue reading

Flowers of Solidarity

מצטערים, רשומה זו זמינה רק ב- אנגלית אמריקאית.

On May 19 an action against the bill №2646-1 took place in L’viv to give support to the All-Ukrainian action “We are for desired children.” The goal of the action was to deny any birth control of the state. The bill was proposed by the opposition party “Svoboda” (“Freedom”), which prohibits not only abortions but even considering them. The right-wingers are going to implement criminal liability in form of 3-7 years of imprisonment for both, a woman and a doctor for an abortion.… Continue reading