A message to our friends in the world! from RoR Kasamba, Yasamba, Hasamba

Atsiprašome, šis puslapis galimas tik Jungtinių Valstijų Anglų.

We, the ROR groups living in the land controlled by the Israeli government (Kasamba, Yasamba, and Hasamba), and active here against the occupation, capitalism, racism, animal exploitation and patriarchy in general, would like to send a call for solidarity.For the past two weeks the government here has been committing new-old war crimes against the people living in Gaza. This is a direct continuation of the injustice of occupation and war that the Zionist movement has inflicted against the people in this land (most horrifically against Palestinians but not only). We hear all sorts of voices in the world calling on Israel to stop this massacre. Most of the voices are true, brave, anti occupation voices, and some of them, sadly, are antisemitic voices. We understand the fear that activists around the world might feel, that joining the call against Israel might be perceived as antisemitic. But this only strengthens our belief that it is important to hear the rhythms of resistance all over the world. It is important that people will oppose this massacre, and that the people who do so be true allies and not racists.

So of course you should all do as you think best. However, we would like to tell you that while antisemitism is still alive and kicking, and has often used the Palestinian cause as an excuse to spread anti-Jewish vitriol, we know that fighting against Israel is not antisemitism. It has not been easy to be a part of this fight here – many of us have been facing physical and verbal assaults while drumming against the massacre.Some of us are frequently accused of being antisemitic, even though many of our families were themselves victims of racism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

#We would love to hear you join us around the world.

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