Let’s mark, block and sabotage GÜZ!

Tämä teksti on valitettavasti saatavilla vain kielillä: Amerikanenglanti.

Call for the 3rd War-stars-here-camp 17th-25th August, near Magdeburg, Germany


War starts here. Nowadays politicians are clear and open about their position: there shall be no more restraint from German ground when it comes to military operations. No more war – a major lesson learned from German history – is outdated. Germany defends its claims to power and secures its wealth by all means.

Militarization of society proceeds on all levels. An openly-aggressive foreign policy comes along with increasing exports of armaments and offensive NATO missions. Within German society the army ‘Bundeswehr’ works consciously on an image of their soldiers as „citizens in uniform“. This includes advertisement campaigns, massive recruitment efforts in schools, universities and at job fairs as well as Christmas gifts to ‘our soldiers’ at the front The use of the media staging the army in Germany fighting the effects of floods leads to further normalization of militarization and dissolves the borders between army and civilian population more and more.

Far from publicity Western armies practice counterinsurgency as a general response for coping with crises and protests in cities and megacities around the world. Hardly any government hesitates when it comes to mass surveillance in order to realize the idea of ‘Networked Security’.

The apparent normality of these prevailing conditions disgusts us and makes us angry. We will interfere resolutely and inappeasably. We call on you to join the third War-Starts-Here-Camp against militarization and neocolonialism in August 2014. War starts here – let’s stop it here!


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