MRCC Bremen protest and video streaming

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Last weekend (2020-04-25), Alarm phone, Seebruecke (sea bridge) and RoR Bremen have come together for a short protest action in front of Bremen Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre.

During the action, we have been observant of ”corona” social distancing regulations given by Bremen public order office: Wearing masks (not a bad thing for an activist ;)) and keeping 2 m distance, not exchanging items (meaning, also not exchanging instruments/whistles). All together, we were about 25 people – including 2 banner carriers, 1 person giving a speech, 2 filming crew, people from the other groups and spectators. We played for approx. 1 hour on Saturday afternoon and it was very nice to play together again.

Beforehand we had agreed that this demo should be 100% legal, so we announced it to the ”authorities”. Consequently, there were 5 (!) cop cars. Obviously we were being taken seriously. Also, one person overheard a cop explaining our protest to a passer-by. Nice side-effect 😉

Some cops (especially one He-Man of a cop) were acting a bit more aggressive than others but all in all we had a rather peaceful afternoon.

Having to limit the protest – due to ”corona” regulations – to a short duration and few people, we wanted to spread the message as widely as possible. So print and online press were contacted, social media were employed. Anne Frisius, a short film director who also does other great political stuff, kindly recorded the protest and the video is now streaming:

Stay strong! Love & rage!!

RoR Bremen


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