Flowers of Solidarity

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On May 19 an action against the bill №2646-1 took place in L’viv to give support to the All-Ukrainian action “We are for desired children.” The goal of the action was to deny any birth control of the state. The bill was proposed by the opposition party “Svoboda” (“Freedom”), which prohibits not only abortions but even considering them. The right-wingers are going to implement criminal liability in form of 3-7 years of imprisonment for both, a woman and a doctor for an abortion. For expressing doubt that an embryo is a human being and for “popularization” of abortions, fees ranging from 850-1700 GRN are demanded.

A woman’s body is a woman’s choice. We do not have to ask for permission to the state which is in itself the personification of capitalism and patriarchy. Choice is the indispensable part of freedom and equality. Every person should be given that choice, especially when it is about a child’s birth, and regardless of a person’s sex when it is about human rights.

The action itself bumped into the traditional Sunday demonstration of the congregation of the Greek-Catholic “Orthodox” church. Because of its lack of knowledge the congregation mixed up the terms “gender” and “homosexuality” and represented those as equal to “genocide.” They walk around L’viv with transparencies allegedly defending Ukrainian families from sin and sinners. At the same time they forget that love doesn’t know restrictions and that equality between people is the most important thing that society and conscious people should stand for.

Thus, the confrontation between male and female representatives of opposite political views took place. Male and female activists of the action “We are for desired children” played drums next to the demonstration. When the musicians intersected the demonstration of the “Orthodox,” a representative of law enforcement did not express a positive attitude towards the action. Without introducing himself and naming his position held, the policeman tried to stop the musicians from playing and moreover, grabbed one of them. When he tried to drag him aside, the participants surrounded him and demanded the explanation of the apprehension.

When the police detail arrived, lawmen took the activist to the police station without following the proper procedure. People who witnessed the apprehension resented the actions seen. The activist was held for about twenty minutes in the department and was then released.

We demand the rejection of the bill „on introduction of changes to some legislative acts of Ukraine №2646-1 that concern the ban of the artificial termination of pregnancy“ (abortions).

We are sure that the quantity of abortions will decrease significantly after:

  • Widespread programs on sexual education in educational institutions will be implemented and access to means of contraception will be provided;
  • Minimal wages will be equal to the real minimum subsistence level. Considering expenses on buying a house etc. it would be approximately equal to 500 dollars according to current prices;
  • The number of kindergarten and other nurseries will increase significantly;
  • Rooms for children will be created at working places and in public spaces;
  • Maternity leave will become longer and will be possible for parents of both sexes.

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