Break signs

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4× from soft to loud

Hold one forearm vertically and move the other hand up in front of it

Altering / Magic Wand

Hit your palm with your fist oder with a stick

Bra Break

Pull your imaginary bra with both hands

Break 1

Nothing special about this

Break 2

Nothing special about this

Break 3

Nothing special about this

Break 5

Democracy Break

Form a funnel with your hands

Eight Up

Put your hands togehter in front of you. Move all of your fingers and then rise both hands

Pause of 4

Silence during 4 beats

Pause of 8

Silence during 8 beats

Speaking Break

Do some blabla with your hand

Storming Break

Hold on forearm vertically and use your other hand to indicate the volume

Tamborim Stroke

form a circle with indexfinger and thumb and spread the stretch the other finger