Free the Sambistas in Belarus-Down with all governments

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«Parasites» law triggers mass protests in Belarussian cities, hundreds of arrests in response

Since several weeks, unprecedented mass protests are going on in several cities in Belarus. The trigger of the unrest is the decree #3 — a law which demands a tax from people who are not working, because they are considered social parasites. In less than a month the focus shifted to a general discontent against the government and the consequences of 23 years with president Lukashenko in power.

Over 190 journalists, activists, opposition politicians and other people joining the demonstrations have been arrested and charged with fines or prison sentences up to 15 days. Some of the detentions took place at activist’s homes or on different points of the city long after the demonstrations were over. (read more about protests and repressions in Belarus

On the 15th of March, again demonstrations in the three major cities of Belarus took place. Anarchists joined the demo in Minsk with their own block and slogans. After the demonstration around 40 people, (mostly anarchists) were arrested, among them almost the whole ror samba band. Police attacked them on their way home and beat them severely.

The trials have started and most of the people were charged with 13-15 days of prison.

As a reaction of solidarity sambistas of the world have carried out actions in response. Play and shout with us, as loud as possible in solidarity with our imprisoned friends for a free society without state, prisons, patriarchy, capitalism and for sure without Lukashenko’s rule.

Until all are free,

sambistas in solidarity with our comrades in Belarus

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