Dumstering at the Bremen carnival

Przepraszamy, ten wpis jest dostępny tylko w języku Amerykański Angielski i Francuski.

Once more, like in the last 6 years, ror delivered radical politics to the samba carnival of Bremen. 30 RoR Sambistas and space creators from Bremen, Witzenhausen, Oldenburg and Berlin participated in the Sambodromo under the motto “fairkehrtewelt”, along with more than 60 other samba bands attended.

Every year a different motto is chosen by the carnival organization. RoR Bremen picks up the motto and makes a radical interpretation of it to rise awareness about an issue through cool dressings, a short performance and flyering the crowd. In this occasion the RoR motto was “food waste” . Dumpstered food and flyers were distributed among the crowd

In front of the band space creators rolled along three containers filled with food “waste” we collected before the carnival e.g. from supermarket containers. The space creators handed out the “waste” to the crowd standing by. This wasnt easy though cause capitalism tried to strike back impersonated by a police woman and a big Capitalism-”Klatsche” hitting the brave dumpster divers, as skipping is considered to be illegal in Germany. It is stealing of property. Along with the food the audience got flyers explaining some basics about food waste, overproduction and connections to environmental and social problems such as hunger caused by the profit maximizing food market.

Be welcome in Bremen for next year political carnival.

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